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About Southwest Airlines

Carry-on Baggage: Passengers are entitled to one item of carry-on baggage per person. This carry-on bag must not exceed 10 x 16 x 24 inches (25 x 40 x 60cm). In addition to this, passengers are allowed to bring one personal item with them on the flight, for example, a small rucksack, a handbag, a briefcase or a laptop. This small personal item must not exceed the overall dimensions of 18.5 x 8.5 x 13.5 inch (46 x 22 x 34 cm).

Checked Baggage: Passengers are allowed two items of checked baggage free of charge. This baggage must not weigh more than 22kg per piece and must fit within the overall dimensions of 62 inches (157 cm) (L x W x H).

Baggage Allowance
Check-in Information

Online Check-in: For passengers with a reservation, web check-in is available on all flights. You can check-in online by visiting the online check-in page and entering your confirmation number, first and last name. Online check-in opens 24 hours before to one hour prior to scheduled flight departure time.

Airport Check-in: Airport check-in can be completed by visiting the dedicated check-in counters at the airport of departure. Airport check-in opens three hours before scheduled flight departure time and generally closes 30 minutes—one hour before.

Southwest Airlines is a airline based in Dallas, Texas that has a reputation for low fares. The airline flies to many destinations, including Chicago, Baltimore, Washington, Midway, Las Vegas, Denver, Dallas, Phoneix, Houston, Orlando, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Arizona, Oranjestad, Nassau, Belize City, Liberia, San Jose, Punta Cana, Mexico City and many others.

The airline carries the most domestic passengers of any US airline. Its extensive fleet consists of Boeing 737-700s, Boeing 737MAXs, and Boeing 737-800s. In total, the airline has a fleet of over 750 aircraft and carried more than 134 million passengers in 2019. The fleet delivers more than 4,000 flights per day in peak seasons.

Travel Classes

Economy Class 

All seats on Southwest flights are economy as standard; this is the only class on all flights.

Economy Class Facilities: 

1. Free in-flight entertainment, including films and TV shows.

2. Open-seating, meaning that passengers simply choose their seat once they are on the plane (This avoids having to rush to get to check-in or pre-select your seat).

3. WIFI is available on Southwest flights, all-day WiFi only costs USD $8.

Economy Class Seats: The seats on the Southwest fleet range from 31-33 inch pitch and 17 - 17.8 inches wide with 2 inches recline and adjustable headrests. This is reported to be one of the most comfortable economy seats on low-cost carriers, as the company have larger-than-average sears with enhanced cushion support in the seat.

Business Class 

Southwest has a booking fare called Business Select, which allows passengers certain privileges when flying with this airline. Although the onboard seating arrangements will be the same as every other passenger, such as being in the same cabin, Business Select passengers get priority features which enhance their experience.

Business Class Facilities: 

1. Guaranteed priority boarding (perfect for the open-seating plan, as passengers can enter the plane first, choose their seat and settle before the rest of the passengers are permitted on the plane).

2. Check-in is quicker, with lines all being fast-tracked for security and check-in.

3. Passengers will receive a complimentary premium drink voucher to use on the day of travel (includes options of alcoholic beverages).

4. WIFI is available on Southwest flights, all-day WiFi only costs USD $8.

Business class seats: The seats for business class are just the same as economy class.